Monday, July 2, 2012

Dear Family,

As many of you know, I don't write many letters.  I am trying this on the blog to see if I can finally figure how to put pictures and thoughts on Papa's and Moma's blog.  I want to thank-you all for all the driving, flying, planning, packing and unpacking on behave of a few days with your very old parents, siblings, nieces and nephews.  I thought the pictures turned out well for being such a large group.  I do hope that we can do this again in a few years.  But  ask for cooler weather and older children.  We did have a full garbage can of dirty d's.  Maybe we should add another wing to the house for further expansion of the family. (this is a joke folks)
Thank you all for helping.  We both love every single one of our children, their spouses and grandchildren. Any one thought of going to Cedar Park in Sandusky Ohio in six years?  Will we need wheel chairs for the Papa and Moma?

Marisa thank-you for all your effort in making the family tree with fingerprints.  I think I 'll take it to be framed tomorrow on the way to visit the grandparents Fisher.

I think I have written enough for one night.  Robert , Marisa and Fara are in California, Bryce, Maile and Brady, Leilani, Carter, Keller in Nevada.  Minda , Alan and Sam, Jacob, Nathan, Heidi will return to Texas.Braden, Kristen and Bryn,Cody, Abby, Macy in Utah.  Richard, Courtney and Afton, Mei,Ben, Ethan in Utah.  Good-night.