Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Family Activity

Papa, Moma, Bryce, Maile, Brady, Leilani, Carter and Robert, Marisa rode the Front Runner from Ogden to Salt Lake to see the lights on Temple Square.

Richard, Courtney, Afton, Madelyn and Ben also joined us for Thanksgiving. We all had a great meal and enjoyed family over the Thanksgiving Weekend.
Here is the weather in Utah the first week in December. Here is Brad using the snow blower and in his new machine to help clear all that snow off the driveway. I know all of you really want to ride on the tractor and plow snow.

Well, this is the picture of a hawk in our backyard. He is eating one of Richard's families chickens. We gave the rest of the chickens to a neighbor. This chicken kept wondering all over the neigborhood. We think this chicken got out of the chicken coop, when the hawk got a tasty meal. It was one of the black chickens.
I am trying to learn from Minda on how to blog. We just spent 25 hours driving from Ogden to Waco Texas. I will try to improve our Blog.